Susanne Virtanen

Digital Business Transformation

Susanne Virtanen is the director and founder of DiscoverChange and along with her team she supports businesses to develop, streamline and digitalise their customer acquisition and fulfilment. Susanne is passionate about helping people leverage their true talent, and her vision is to enable as many leaders as possible to make a positive impact in the world.

Susanne uses a combination of innovative development tools to enable immediate business growth. This is provided through consulting, personal and team development workshops, e-learning, done-for-you digital processes, and bespoke business innovation projects. Alongside, Susanne volunteers for a charity delivering motivational talks and workshops to support young adults to pursue and gain their desired employment opportunities.
Susanne’s employment background is in hospitality management and teaching, and she has a management degree studied in three countries. With qualifications in teaching, training and change management, she has worked and contracted in various training organisations also providing teacher training and strategic support in developing a range of programs and courses.

Website: www.discoverchangeltd.com
Online courses: www.idiscoverchange.com

My Sessions

Digital Business Transformation

Businesses constantly need to innovate and improve their strategy according to their customers’ needs, and in this seminar, Susanne shares how to create a robust digital customer acquisition strategy. You will discover how to leverage your business specialism and generate strong interest within your target market. By leveraging these simple online tools, you can create […]