Ranjit Seehra

Property Investing - How to be a landlord that tenants love!

Ranjit has been in and around property investing for over 20 years and until recently worked for a large corporate in the construction industry. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has designed, built and managed large infrastructure projects in various parts of the UK in his 30 year career.

After selling his first property investments in 2003 he decided to restart investing in property in 2015. He gained education to full in the gaps in his own property knowledge and followed a mentorship programme with his business partner. Everything he owns is a joint venture partnership in HMOs for professionals in and around Derby. Ranjit is also the co-owner of the Derby PPN which is a monthly property networking event held in Derby every second Tuesday of the month.

Alongside his property investing he also has an architectural design and planning consultancy, SREAR Design, where he has secured planning permissions for over 300 clients. His motto is to help clients ‘Design their Dreams.’
His passion for the built environment has helped many people start investing in property and avoid making mistakes with their investments. He recently launched a property education Mastermind and looks forward to helping many more people gain freedom, time and money through property.

My Sessions

Property Investing – How to be a landlord that tenants love!

In this workshop Ranijit will share with you how To Invest In Property by: • Finding the right investment property • Adding value • Refurbishing to exceptional standards • Financing with as little of your own money • Managing your portfolio professionally • Having happy tenants