Andrew Deighton

Becoming an Exceptional Team Member

Andrew Deighton is the owner of AWD Development Solutions Ltd. He’s a people and team development specialist and worked for Rolls-Royce plc for 26 years.

Following an initial career as an engineer, Andrew has led the HR workstream on a £40m manufacturing facility build, he’s been the Head of Employee Development for a 7,000 people Marine business and the Head of Early Career Pipeline in a business recruiting over 1,000 trainees a year. He’s had international experience as the HR Director for a £600m turnover, 2,000 people global business with over four years based in Singapore. He also developed the executive recruitment, development and reward strategy and processes in a three company joint venture team bidding for a £7bn nuclear decommissioning contract.

Andrew is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Member of the Professional Speaking Association. He set up AWD Development Solutions to bring his experience and expertise to other businesses and organisations in a practical, pragmatic and relevant way.

My Sessions

Becoming an Exceptional Team Member

We’re all part of teams in our business and personal lives, either as team members or as leaders. Whatever our role, we can influence and improve the performance of those teams significantly by focusing on a few key areas. In this seminar Andrew will share with you the ‘4Ps’ from his Exceptional Team Blueprint, which […]